I know I had an update page before and have deleted that one, but have decided to create another one. The main reason why I did delet the old one was mainly because the theme I had already chosen didn't seem to like more than three pages on the top, things were going under the 'more' section and I didn't like it. The real reason for the entire change to the website really.

Anyway, the real reason why I'm posting an update is to let you know that I have finished writing two stories. One for a challenge and one for a sequel, both of which didn't take that long to write really. A day for both of them.

The one for the challenge is half typed up on this computer, I just need to get round to finish typing it up and posting it on the forum and here.
    The challenge was to re-write a TV show or a movie theme and we had to star a 'Lifer (of course!). I had chosen the film Titianic and the scene where Jack and Cal were trying to get Rose onto the boat. And I have never watched that film so asked for a link. Once I watched it about 3 times the scene was in my head and I managed to write it pretty easily. I just hope it's alright.

The second story I have managed to write today and that's the sequel for 'Miracle at Number 25'. I have gone through several different versions of the story with the same sort of idea. Today the story stands in the sight of the girl who died and was brought back to life. She's explaining the events that happened before that fatefull Christmas morning where she took her last breath in the arms of her lover.
 I wonder why I wrote those notes days ago. I guess in a way it helped me to know what I had to explain and helped to introduce a hidden character that even I didn't know about until I wrote those notes.

Look out for 'Time to Escape' and 'Someone's your life line in the background' soon.


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